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8 Reasons You Need To Take Action NOW!!!

So many people want to improve their lives. We all want to be happy or find a way to make our lives more fulfilling. Yet, the biggest challenge is getting started. Reading about self-improvement means nothing if you don’t use what you have learned.

One of the greatest causes of failure when it comes to personal development is simply a failure to ACT.

Listed here are 8 reasons to act, they are posted to help you realize that the time is NOW… Not tomorrow, not next week, and not after you have accomplished something else! So take a moment to read them and then start implementing them immediately.

8 Reasons You Need To Act NOW!

There is no change without action.

Sure, reading about personal development or positive living can make you feel good at the time, but without action the knowledge itself is somewhat useless. You can read self-help material until the cows come home, but without actually helping yourself you are always going to be in the same place.

There is no one that can do it for you.

The harsh reality of life is; unless you make the choice to change, you never will. No one can do it for you. If you want a better life it is you that has to create it. Period.

Lessons are best learned through actions.

When you make mistakes you learn lessons. Through actions you will learn what works… and what doesn’t. You will also learn about yourself in a way that you never would if you didn’t take action. There is no better way to learn that by doing.

It makes you feel good.

Self-esteem can have a huge impact on whether you take action towards your goals, but the best way to combat this issue is through action. Sadly, this can be somewhat of a double-edged sword; when you don’t act you feel bad, but you feel too bad to act. Still, it is more likely that you will regret not doing something to change the situation. Taking action towards your goals, whatever they are, makes you feel good. It raises your self-esteem and it encourages you to move forward. I promise, it will make you happier overall and increase your confidence in a way that nothing else can measure up to.

Every small step counts.

Every small step you take brings you closer to your ultimate goal. If you make an effort to complete one action each day, even a tiny one, you are that much closer to accomplishing your bigger goal. It is important that you keep moving forward or you end up standing still in a place that is no better off than the one you started from.  Reward yourself for each small success as a way to encourage the forward momentum.

If not now, when?

This is a question you hear asked often when it comes to personal development. When you truly take time to consider it, in-depth, it is a very important question that you should be asking yourself every single day. If you wait for the perfect time, a better time, later, you will be waiting forever.Take Action

Take a close look at what it is you are waiting for and find a way around it. When you find yourself putting things off, stop and ask yourself this simple question… It is should enough to get you motivated once again. It is important that you remember, if you keep waiting, you could run out of time. The truth is; life is too short to waste even a moment being unhappy.

It is about the journey.

As discussed above, every small step counts. That is because the process of personal development is more about the journey than it is the result. The ‘end’ of your journey to a happier more fulfilling life is something that can not be expressed. In fact, an ‘end’ doesn’t really exist. Living a happier life is a long-term commitment that requires regular maintenance and consistent actions on your part. Your ultimate goal will change as you do, and that is why you should be focused on the journey itself rather than the finish line. The good news is that even though it is a long-term commitment that requires hard work, it is going to be fun!

One action leads to another.  

Again, referring back to the thought above ‘each small step leads to another’, each action you choose will lead to another action, that will lead to another. You may look back a year from now and find that you are nowhere near where you originally planned to be, but your actions will take you in the direction you need to go by presenting you with opportunities and choices. These choices will lead to others and your journey will be moulded to suit your personal, and constantly changing, needs. Each choice you make, each action you take will challenge you and help you grow as a person. It may sound lame, but it is the truth… The hardest part of any journey is getting started, once you get past that doors will open for you.


Until Next Time…

Take Action!


(Originally posted on Inspired Every Moment – which has now merged with this site)

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