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10 Things You Should Stop Doing

Most of the advice you come across talks about all the things you can do to be happier, healthier, stronger,
more successful, etc. These articles often provide you with a list things that you can add to your life, however, they rarely address the things you need to stop doing. Sometimes, what you’re not doing is just as important as what you’re doing when it comes to living a happier, more positive life.


Here are 10 Things You Should Stop Doing (Because It May Change Your Life)

  1. Stop Being Lazy

    It is so easy to be lazy, in every sense of the word. How much easier is it to simply say we are too busy or too comfortable than to actually bust our butts on something we ‘would/could’ do? Stop letting yourself make excuses and pass up opportunities. When you are asked to join in on something or invited to try something new, do it. You never know where a new path might lead you.

  2. Stop Looking For Something Wrong

    Our mind can be our worst enemy at times. We tend to over-think things to the point of creating problems that are not actually there. The old saying “if it seems too good to be true, it probably is” is a bunch of junk. If something is not right you will ‘know it’ in your heart, but don’t look for problems where there are none. This is especially true when it comes to relationships, for some reason so many people are constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, even when it is securely in the closet. When you look for something to be wrong you end up inviting it in yourself.

  3. Stop Being Mediocre

    Getting by may have been good enough when you were a lazy teenager, but it won’t get you anything in the real world. This applies to every situation you face, whether it is work, play or hobbies. Well, we can’t all be experts, or millionaires, for that matter, but you can make the choice to put 110% into everything you do. When you put your heart into whatever you are doing it becomes more fun, interesting, and rewarding. Besides, why simply get by when you can soar?

  4. Stop Lying (to yourself and others)

    It might amaze you to find how often you lie, not only to those around you but to yourself as well. Lies can range from small to large, (and usually occur for seemingly legitimate reasons) but the truth is a lie is a lie. Period. Try to stop telling lies and instead take a good look at the truth. Often, we lie to ourselves and others to protect our self-esteem. In the long-run this is counterproductive. If you find yourself lying about something, big or small, stop and look at why. Perhaps it makes you feel good or maybe you think it makes you look more important, valuable, capable. Instead of lying (or exaggerating) take stock of your abilities and share your strengths. When you take the time to look you will find you have plenty to brag about.

  5. Stop Your Anger

    Anger can have a huge impact on your life. Learning to curb anger is a tool that is not taught enough when we are young. In fact, anger is instilled in us as ‘bad thing’ and because of this we never really learn how to deal with it as an honest emotion. Next time you are feeling angry, stop and think about why… Usually, anger is a cover-up for another emotion, so ask yourself what it is that is really bothering you and address that problem. Chances are, when you stop and look at your emotions, you will find that you were actually hurt or sad and not truly ‘angry’.

  6. Stop Running In Circles

    If we don’t learn from our mistakes, if we don’t make choices and changes, we are doomed to walk the same path time and time again. How many times have you asked yourself, ‘when is this going to stop?’ The answer is simple, it will stop when you make the choice to change it. Stop running in circles and pick a direction.

  7. In Fact, Just Stop Running

    Not only do we need to stop running in circles, we need to stop running altogether. Life slips by in the blink of an eye, this is something you realize as you get older – especially once you have children. Why speed up the process by zipping through each day with little time to spare? Take some time as often as possible, to simply be. Enjoy those little moments and walk a step or two slower than you were before. Time is a precious gift, don’t waste it.

  8. Stop Judging

    How can you judge someone that you don’t know? How can you judge something you have never tried? How does it feel when you know it is happening to you? Judgment is a form of negative thinking that closes doors. When you judge another person or situation before you find out what it is truly about, you are holding yourself back. Some of the greatest things that have happened in my life, and some of the greatest people I have encountered, were ones I never thought I would enjoy. Don’t close doors until you have searched the contents of the room.

  9. Stop Blaming Yourself

    This is a BIG one. It should probably be at the top of the list but we will address it here. You can not blame yourself for everything, it’s not realistic. This behavior will get you nowhere in life. The main things we blame ourselves for are those things we can not control – the actions of others. Get rid of blame altogether, forget that it exists. If something goes wrong take note of the lesson and move on. Blaming yourself, or anyone else for that matter is not going to change anything. Blame has no use, it only makes you unhappy.

  10. Stop Dwelling

    Like the ideas above, dwelling on things that have happened in the past is only going to hold you back. We all have things that we wish we had done differently. Heck, I think I would redo 3/4 of my life given the chance. However, I realize that every single thing that has happened to me, every person I have met, and every challenge I have faced has happened for a reason. Even if just to make me who I am today. It is important that you let go of the ‘what ifs‘, of the ‘would haves‘, ‘should haves‘, or ‘could haves‘ and use these lessons in the future. You can acknowledge your past and confront your demons but don’t let them get comfortable in your present or they are doomed to follow you into your future.

Until Next Time…

Just Stop!

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