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7 Steps to Purposeful Happiness

There is a big difference between happiness and purposeful happiness.

Happiness is a feeling; an emotion. It occurs inside of us when we are doing something we enjoy. Purposeful Happiness, on the other hand, is more than an emotion – it is a way of life. It is something that we must actively encourage and consistently work to maintain. Purposeful Happiness is the basis for positive living and is the ultimate goal on your journey to living a happier, more fulfilling life.

The best part about Purposeful Happiness is that it is easy and absolutely anyone in the world can achieve it.

Below are a few ideas that will help you create Purposeful Happiness. These ideas will help you invite happiness into your life and allow you to focus on what matters most to you. Some of these ideas require a little bit of effort on your part, but they are well worth it. Others are straightforward tips that may seem like common sense but they are useful tools to consider while on your personal journey.

How to Create Purposeful Happiness:

Step 1 – Embark on a journey of self-discovery – There is an old saying, “You can never be truly happy in life if you are not happy with yourself first.” and these words speak volumes when it comes to purposeful happiness. If you want to be happy in life you must be happy with yourself before anything else.

Self-discovery is an important tool. It means getting to know yourself and learning what makes you tick. You can never know yourself too well and once you begin looking, you will find that there is so much inside you that you never even knew was there.

Just as people become overwhelmed with their desire to be happy, they can become overwhelmed with self-discovery. What self-discovery means is simply learning about you. It means learning about your weaknesses and fueling your strengths. It is about discovering what an amazing person you are.

One way to do begin your journey is to think about who you are as you see it. Make lists of all your likes, dislikes, values, goals, etc. If you have a close friend you are comfortable with, talk to them or ask them to make a list about you. Do this without telling them what is on your own list, then take the time to compare the two. This is especially fun when they are listing your strengths. Often times those around you will see you very differently than you see yourself and may even point out strengths you didn’t know you had.

Self-discovery is a life-long process. It is not something you can accomplish overnight. However, the sooner you get started the sooner you will reap the rewards of knowing who you truly are and what you truly desire in life.

Step 2 – Plan for the future – Setting goals is a great way to create purposeful happiness. Nothing feels better than achieving a goal, big or small, and nothing boosts your self-esteem more either. Begin by setting small goals for yourself that point you in the direction of a larger goal. Every single step is taking you somewhere. It is important to remember that it is not about how long it takes, it is about the journey forward.

Step 3  Focus on your own actions/reactions – So often we are wasting time and energy reacting to others around us instead of focusing on our own actions. We spend a lot of our lives trying to make others what we think they should be when we should simply be focusing on what ‘we’ can be. Your reactions to other people (especially negative people) take away from the actions that better YOU.Purposeful Happiness

Instead of wasting time proving yourself to others or waiting for them to meet your expectations, spend time being the best you that you can be. Those people who are meant to be a part of your ‘big plan’ will adapt accordingly.

Step 4 Balance the good with the bad – Bad things happen. Unfortunately, it is a fact of life, but purposeful happiness is about balancing the good and the bad in a way that keeps you on a positive path.

You will never be able to avoid bad days or negativity all of the time, however, you can combat the bad by concentrating on the good. No matter how bad the situation, there is always something positive you can focus on. Many times, the greatest lessons are found in the most difficult situations.

While it may be hard to do if you stay focused on the positive when faced with negativity you will invite more positive moments into your life.

Step 5 – Live in the moment – Forget the mistakes you made yesterday. Forget the big problems you had last month. Let go of the negative things that you did, or that you were faced with, in the past and live for the moment.

When we hold on to the past we are inviting it into our present. No good can come from something that should have been thrown away. So, simply leave it be and focus on what you can do NOW to make life better. It is fine to reflect and see your mistakes but be sure to face the direction you want to travel.

Step 6 – Seek out a meaning for your life and embrace it – You may not figure out the all-elusive meaning of life, but you can create a purpose for your own. No one ever knows exactly what they are meant to do with their life, but it is important to find a way to make each moment matter to you and make that your meaning.

If you are good at making people smile, do it. If you can explain things well, make it so. Take your strengths and turn them into your life’s meaning. Remember to change your meaning as you grow and your interests and strengths grow as well.

The real meaning of life is being the best you possible, it is as simple as that – and if you can help other people along the way then you have accomplished something amazing.

Step 7  Find Inspiration in Others – There is nothing wrong with being a follower. Look to others to inspire you. If there is someone in your life (or even a celebrity) that you admire, mimic them. The world needs more awesome people.

Do you admire the way you father always listened? The way your sister could make others laugh? or the way your grandmother always knew exactly what to say? Are you inspired by your favorite celebrities activism? That friend who is always helping out a good cause? Follow their lead and implement their ideas into your life plan. Inspiration comes from all directions and once you get started, you will find that you have your own ideas to add that will expand upon what is already amazing and make it personally yours.

Purposeful Happiness is about doing what is right for you. It is about living life your way and making each moment matter. If you can help others along their journey, great! If not, well, don’t hinder it for them either.

Not everyone is meant for fame, fortune or world-renowned greatness but everyone will be great at something in their life. It is as important (if not more so) that you be happy with yourself, as it is that you help others find happiness. Do what you need to for you first because, in the end, it will light that path for those that are meant to follow.


Until Next Time…

Be Purposefully Happy!

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