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With tips, tricks, advice, and information on combating stress, enjoying every moment, and realizing your dreams, A Motivated Mind is the go-to site for positive and inspired living.

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About The Author

Katherine D is the creator of A Motivated Mind. Katherine has a degree in psychology and an optimistic outlook. She has been freelance writing for over 10 years and by creating this site she has combined her talent for writing with her desire to help others.

Katherine is a firm believer in the power of positive thinking and is focused on promoting personal development. Her philosophy in life is that ‘everyone has something to teach you, you simply need to be willing to learn.’ Katherine’s commonsense advice, easy to implement techniques, and helpful tips make A Motivated Mind the ideal place for anyone looking to improve their life, combat negativity, realize their goals or be happier in general.

As a hardworking single mother, Katherine knows there is often a struggle in staying positive, working hard, and achieving your goals in the face of daily stress. She has endured many hardships but has managed to create a life that she truly enjoys. She has suffered financial struggles, personal turmoil, and survived domestic abuse. These experiences have only made her desire to help others ever stronger. Katherine understands that happiness (and sadness) look different for everyone and are achieved differently for everyone as well.

Katherine’s goal for A Motivated Mind is that it will create hope by helping people see the bright side of every situation. She hopes that her knowledge and experience can teach and inspire readers, helping them focus on attaining the life they desire and deserve. Katherine truly believe’s that everyone, no matter their situation, deserves to be happy and has the ability to achieve their dreams – no matter how big or small.

While Katherine is the creator of A Motivated Mind and the inspiration for articles, posts, and topics come from her personal experience and knowledge, suggestions from readers are always welcome.

Questions, ideas or submissions can be sent to katherined@amotivatedmind.com 


Katherine is not a counselor and the content on this site should not take the place of medical, legal or other professional advice. The content on this site is meant to support, not replace, medical or psychiatric treatment. If you feel you may be suffering from a mental health condition please be sure to seek professional care immediately. 

Please Note:

Katherine does not provide counseling services. However, private and/or group coaching services are available. If you are interested in discussing coaching services please inquire by email at katherined@amotivatedmind.com