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Life Lessons / Tips

40 Little Lessons to Simplify Life

Simplified living means different things to different people. For some it means ridding themselves of excess items, for others it means having more time for themselves. Whatever simplified living means to you, there is one universal aspect. Simplified living means creating peace and harmony in your life and making each day as easy as possible. Below are a few tips and tricks to living life more simply… the easy way, every day.

40 Lessons That Will Help Simplify Your Life:

  1. Accept that you can not please everyone and stop trying to. – No matter how hard you try, you are never going to please all the people, all the time, so stop trying to and focus only on pleasing yourself. “Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.” – Dr. Seuss
  2. Be honest and open, it saves time. – Don’t try to read other people’s minds, and most importantly, don’t expect them to be able to read yours. Say what you mean, and mean what you say. Honesty and openness save a great amount of time and energy.
  3. Stick to a budget and live below your means. – Living your life with money to spare is far more pleasurable than living paycheck to paycheck. Create a budget for yourself that allows you those ‘extra pleasures’ in life from time-to-time, but remember that they are pleasures and not for every day. Fancy cars, huge houses, and expensive items won’t create happiness, enjoy these things in moderation to truly appreciate their worth.
  4. Start your day ahead of schedule. – One of the greatest lessons I ever learned was to set my alarm clock 15 minutes ahead to rise earlier each day. This simple act changed my life. Getting up earlier in the morning and having time to spare by setting your clocks ahead, are two simple ways of relieving large amounts of stress. How often do you rush around because you are running late? How often are you actually late? Being behind schedule in any setting is stressful, and when it is happening on a regular basis it can actually be hazardous to your health. By implementing these small acts, you can solve a number of those issues and you won’t even notice the difference.
  5. When it comes to cleaning, find corners you can cut. – A much as we would all love to have a pristine home, cleaning your house can easily eat up a large amount of time. This time could be better spent doing something you actually enjoy. Unless you are a natural-born Molly Maid and you enjoy scrubbing the floors on your hands and knees, you should find ways to save time cleaning the house and cut corners where you can. For example: By doing a deep mop every week and spot mopping when you need to, you will save you a small chunk of time each day. Find easier ways of doing things and work them into your cleaning schedule to save yourself some time and energy.feeling overwhelmed
  6. Stop obsessing about other people, be true to yourself.  – Jealousy, anger, and envy are a waste of time. When you spend your time wishing you were someone else, you are only competing with yourself. Let go of these negative emotions and be at peace with who you are. Learn to accept that you are not perfect but you are unique. Enjoy those things that make you, you.
  7. Get your home and workplace organized once and for all.  – One of the best things you can do if you want to simplify your life is to get your personal space organized. You can waste a huge amount of time looking for things. By having a place for everything, and having everything in its place, you can save yourself large blocks of time each day – and even bigger blocks of time each week, month, or year. Spend some time getting your home and workplace in order and save time in the years to come. Once you have an area organized, keeping up with it is easy. This will also save a great deal of time when it comes to cleaning. (See #5 above)
  8. Purge regularly, both people and possessions, that have no use in your life. – Clutter creates chaos. Every once in a while it is important that we clear our lives of the clutter that is weighing us down. This applies to both physical items and people. Look around you right now, how many things do you see that have not been used in one month? three months? six months? a year? Now consider the people in your life. How many of them bring nothing to your life? How many drag you down? Get rid of anything that has no purpose, no positivity or no presence. Repeat regularly.
  9. Stay on top of debt.  – One late payment leads to another, which leads to another, which leads to a mountain of debt that is difficult to manage. Stay on top of debt by paying attention to your expenses. Pay cash for everything and avoid credit cards as much as you can. When a bill arrives, pay it, don’t let yourself fall behind. Debt causes extensive stress, and can even ruin relationships, cause depression and destroy lives. Choose to live life comfortably and stay ahead of debt. If you are already in debt look for ways to improve your financial situation so you can get ahead (See #3 above)
  10. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you need it.  – Swallow your pride and seek out a helping hand when you are in need. Why waste your time struggling to figure something out when you can simply ask someone who knows the answer? So often we are too ashamed to admit we can’t do something but we drive ourselves mad trying to do it anyway. Get off your high-horse and ask for help. A full life is about filling the holes. Allow others to do what they do best so you can do what you do best as well.
  11. Plan ahead.– Save yourself time by being prepared. One way of saving time is to live life during off-hours. Go grocery shopping on a weekday afternoon, hit the gym mid-day, or grab gas on your way home from work and not during the morning rush. Planning ahead and utilizing off-time can save you a great deal of time that can be better spent on yourself and your life.
  12. Use Technology to Keep track of tasks. – Most email providers offer schedule options that will remind you of important events. Most cell phones are equipped with day planners, and there are also a plethora of electronic to-do list apps. Use these advances in technology to help you keep track of what you need to get done and keep your life more organized and efficient.
  13. Focus on one thing at a time. – Get over being the multi-task champion of the world. Focus on one task at a time instead of trying to do ten things at once. By doing one thing at a time you are more likely to complete the task. When you take on several things at once you can end up overwhelmed and few of them end up being finished. Also, the ones that do get completed may not be done to the best of your ability. So, instead of wearing yourself thin and pushing yourself to the limits, focus on each task separately. Even if you can only devote 5 minutes of undivided attention to a task, focus for that 5 minutes. Every little bit helps and it will be less stressful for you in the long-run.
  14. Cherish your family and friends. – Friends and family have a huge impact on our happiness. Take time to cherish and appreciate those closest to you and enjoy what they bring to your life.
  15. Always finish what you start. – Unfinished projects are the equivalent of clutter. (See #8 above) If you are not going to be able to finish a project, don’t start it at all, or at the very least don’t start it until you can. Being surrounded by unfinished work will drag you down mentally and can cause you to feel defeated. It can also lead to even more procrastination and a snowball of negativity that is difficult to stop once it has begun. This doesn’t mean that Rome must be built in a day, it just means ‘don’t bite off more than you can chew’. You can start a big task and still complete small parts of it by breaking it down into more manageable goals. (See #17 below)time flies
  16. Don’t put off until later, that which can be easily done right now. – When you finish dinner, wash your plate. When you are done with something, put it away. Don’t put off until later, that which can be easily done right now. Procrastination is a hard habit to break, make efficiency part of your routine in all aspects of your life to avoid slipping into negative behaviors. If it is going to take you less than a few minutes to complete a task, simply get it done and move on. For larger tasks that will take longer, schedule the time to complete them and stick to it. If it can’t be completed in one sitting; break it down, ask for help, or find more efficient ways to the work done
  17. Break big tasks into smaller more manageable ones. – Big tasks can be daunting and are more likely to get pushed aside or avoided altogether. Take large tasks and break them down into smaller, more manageable ones. Big jobs like sorting through the garage or attic can be broken down into smaller jobs. For example, try making goals, such as ‘clear one corner’, ‘straighten and sort the stuff on the shelves’, or ‘unpack 4 boxes’, etc.. Tackle one small task at a time and move on to the next only when you are ready. You will feel like you have accomplished something without feeling overwhelmed by the need to complete it all.
  18. Learn to cook, and make doubles. – Learning to cook is an important part of life and one that can save you both time and money. When you cook for yourself at home make at least double what you will eat and freeze it to be consumed later. This is a great way to save cash and is useful for those busy days when you just don’t feel like cooking.
  19. Don’t gossip, it will get you nowhere. – A good rule to live by is ‘never say anything about someone that you wouldn’t say to their face comfortably.’ Gossip will get you nowhere, fast. More importantly, usually the person you are engaging in the gossip with will be gossiping about you later! If you really want to know something about someone ask them, and if you have something to say about a person, say it to their face. It is fine to have an opinion but be careful who you share it with.
  20. Create a meal plan and stick to it. – Hand-in-hand with cooking for yourself, (See #18 above) creating a meal plan is a great way to save yourself time and money. Plan out everything that you are going to eat for a week (at least for dinner) and pick up all that you will need to prepare these meals in advance. This practice will help you avoid unnecessary trips to the grocery store, which often result in wasted time and money. If you are really good you can create a monthly, or bi-weekly, plan and save big time. You can also prep and cook all meals in advance to really optimize your time!
  21. Treat everyone with respect and learn to have patience. – This lesson is so important. Treat others the way you want to be treated yourself. Have respect for everyone you meet and learn the art of patience. Both these traits are valuable in all aspect of your life, and by utilizing them with others you will receive them in return.
  22. Don’t do it if you don’t enjoy it. – Life is too short to waste time doing things you don’t enjoy. Honestly. If spinning class is not your favorite thing quit and find a different form of exercise you enjoy. If you hate your job, find a new one. Dislike someone in your life, let them go. Don’t waste your time on things that don’t make you feel good or add your well-being in a positive way.
  23. Make Lists. – Lists (like this one) are a great way of keeping track of things that you need to get done, items you need to buy, and things you want to see, find or accomplish. Creating simple lists of priority items and placing them where you can see them, is an easy way to remind yourself of the things you want to achieve. Just be sure use the list so you are not simply wasting your time writing lists and getting nothing done. Not everyone is a list writer, but if you find it works for you, utilize it.
  24. Surround yourself with positive people. – I have said it before and I will say it again – negativity breeds negativity. If you want to live a more positive life than surround yourself with positive people who lift you up and make you feel good. If there is someone in your life that is bringing you down, bid them farewell and move on. You need not be nasty, sad or disheartened by the loss, simply look at the time you had together as a lesson learned and see it as making space in your life for bigger, better things. The positive side of dealing with negative people is that you learn what you ‘do’ want from what you don’t like.
  25. Embrace education. – Education is a lifelong journey. Embrace it with an open mind and a willing heart. Never stop trying new things. Learn every chance you get and always be open to new ideas. Knowledge is a major key to a full, happy life. You don’t need to be a highly educated genius, but face every moment as an opportunity to learn something new about yourself, others, and life.
  26. Create a solid network, and expand upon it. – Never stop expanding your network. Meet new people and make new friends. Every single person we meet has the ability to teach us amazing things. All we have to do is be willing to accept the lessons people hold within. A strong network, both personally and professionally, can open doors that would have otherwise remained shut. So, get out there and meet new people. You never know where you may end up.
  27. Explore your options. – A happy life consists of different things for different people. Truthfully, a happy life is a never-ending journey. Always be willing to explore your options and experiment with your choices. Just because everyone else does things a certain way doesn’t mean that is the way you have to do them. Look around, but also within yourself, and do what is best for ‘you’.
  28. Pay attention to your health. – Good health is not just important for your expected lifespan, it is also a vital part of living a positive and happy life. Be sure that you get an annual check-up and take care of your body as best you can. Eating Healthy and being active will increase your personal well-being on both a physical and mental level. So, take care of yourself and make sure that you are being the best ‘you’ possible.
  29. Smile. – Oh, the joy of a smile. Such a small thing that can cause such a big difference. A smile takes little to no effort on your part, but it can easily effect everyone around you. Consider this: You pass by a man on the street that looks weathered and sad. You flash him a smile and immediately he brightens and a smile is returned to you. What you didn’t know was that this man has lost everything recently and was wandering the streets contemplating suicide. Your smile showed him that there is still kindness in the world and it made him change his mind… You just never know!
  30. Be thankful. – I cannot stress enough the importance of gratitude in your daily life. By being thankful for all that you are blessed with in life, you will attract more things to be thankful for. You will make yourself and others feel appreciated. Which in turn will make them feel good and will cause them to be thankful. It is a chain reaction that can stretch for miles, through millions of people, all over the world.grateful for
  31. Dare to dream. – Too often we are told to ‘grow up’. Growing up is a part of life. Yet, for many of us growing up means losing sight of our dreams. Well, forget that… If that’s what growing up is I want to stay young forever. Let your imagination run free, dream of being rich and famous, pretend you’re a princess, and for the stars. Never ever limit yourself. The sky truly is the limit… and sometimes beyond.
  32. Prioritize. – We all lead busy lives, have many things to do, and sometimes feel overwhelmed. To beat stress and avoid overworking yourself be sure you prioritize your tasks accordingly. Consider what it is that is most important to you, what truly needs to be done, and face those things first. Work your way down to the least important things, those that really have no great effect on you or your well-being. By prioritizing the things that are most important to you, you are able to better allocate your time and be more efficient, while enjoying what you do.
  33. Acknowledge your accomplishments. – Don’t go through life always focused on what you need to achieve. Instead, focus on all that you have accomplished already. If you are constantly thinking about how you can do better or do more, without seeing all the great things you have done than you will never be truly happy. A balanced life consists of both goals and achievements. So, acknowledge yours today. No matter how big or small, accomplishments are reminders of your hard work and effort.
  34. Accept that change is inevitable and often good. – Big changes can be hard to deal with but they are an inevitable part of life. The sooner you accept that you cannot avoid change and choose to embrace it, the happier and more fulfilled your life will be.
  35. Look at life as a series of lessons to be learned, and move on. – Each obstacle we face, each challenge we battle and each choice we make provides a lesson to be learned. The easiest way to a simpler life is to learn these lessons and move on to the next. Some of these lessons will be difficult, but they need to be, that is what creates strength and character.
  36. Realize that you can not know the truth, without first understanding both sides of the story. Sometimes it is not about being right. Right is simply a matter of opinion. To truly know the truth, you must first be open to understanding both sides of a situation. So, instead of fighting to be right, be open to learning something new and forming an opinion.
  37. Regulate your routine. – Creating a good routine and sticking to it is an important part of simplifying your life. Ensure that you are getting enough sleep, that you are making time for family, friends and yourself, and that you schedule leaves you plenty of time to do those things that make you happiest. We live in a hectic, busy, chaotic world. Having a set routine for yourself can save your sanity.
  38. Set goals for yourself, both large and small, and work towards them. – Having goals is a great way to challenge yourself. When considering goals it is best to create both short and long-term goals. Small goals will bring you quick satisfaction, usually while helping you along the path towards you larger, more long-term goals.
  39. Never stop discovering who you truly are. – It is amazing how quickly we grow and change as humans. Never stop discovering who you truly are. You can do this by taking time to yourself, doing things you enjoy, trying new things, and exploring your mental well-being. Self-discovery is a lifelong journey and one that can be very rewarding. By discovering who you are inside, without the worry of what others will think, you will be walking down the road directly towards true happiness.
  40. Realize that simplicity, happiness, and success takes time and effort. – There is no “get rich quick” scheme for simplifying your life, being happy, or attaining success. All of these things take hard work. However, the results are always worth the effort you will put in. Do what feels right for you and always see life as something to be enjoyed. Have fun and never stop trying to be the best person you can be.
“The most complex things are the simplest.” – Agni Celeste
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